Super Hobbit lives again.

15 04 2010

Take it easy on me guys, I gotta break in the new piston! Hahahahahahaha. WB3 or bust!

New pipe and new ignition

8 04 2010

Coming together to rise again. See you at WB3.


30 03 2010

Once upon a time I was a lousy worthless PA50-1 reed plate.  5 minutes on the mill later, a set of Boyseen reeds were slapped on me and i was a dreamy PA2 spec blaster buddy. Thanks!

Early Spring update::

30 03 2010

Got my buddy hobbit back on the road after I donated some parts to my buddy Luke to get his mint green hobbit (posted last year) on the road a little quicker.  Started the spring cleanup of my shop, i cant BELIEVE how messy things get with 5 months of neglect under my belt.  It’s a sty in here.. i spent about 3 hours on it today and threw away a bunch of junk.  Always discover new treasures though!

Pat Perry finished his blaster hobbit build, an all red ‘79.5 with a DR, proma, and a drilled out PA1 carb and a machined PA1 reedplate running boyseens.  dropped that seat, Gazelle’d it up and picked up some MTB bars from the LBS.

Yesterday Pat stopped by my house and clipped the fence on the way into my backyard, and nearly ripped off his toe.  Seriously, had to hit up the ER to get it stiched back on.  Whack!  heal up fast buddy.

still alive

31 01 2010

outside temperature: 14  shop temperature: 53  focus of work: hobbits

Today Pat Perry and I assembled the bottom end of his buddy hobbit, drilled some carbs to 12.3mm, and froze.

Finally an official blaster crank!

9 01 2010

The moped icons at 1977mopeds had a true hobbit upgraded crank made! and they’re selling it for $110, same price as the Green crank and hella beefier. Lets see here, double needle: check. Machined vs. cast: check. Upgraded rod: check. Alu stuffing: check. larger diameter vario side: check.

These require a special seal on the larger side, (as if hobbit seals weren’t a bitch already), but 77 says they’ll have em ready to go in time for the upcoming moped season. When i fry my Green crank or throw it out of balance i’ll definately be picking one of these up!

Thanks 77!

Dio springs work great on hobbits.

26 12 2009

Just in case you havent tried em yet, the Dio clutch springs work awesome on hobbits and they’re cheap! My hobbit buddy Roger made a sweet vid that shows just how awesome they are. hahahahaha.