Dio springs work great on hobbits.

26 12 2009

Just in case you havent tried em yet, the Dio clutch springs work awesome on hobbits and they’re cheap! My hobbit buddy Roger made a sweet vid that shows just how awesome they are. hahahahaha.




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26 12 2009

26 12 2009

that wasn’t supposed to embed. GO TO 17 SECONDS IN.

26 12 2009

Nice post, what a big difference. I have a few questions.

Is that bike kitted? Would the 1500 springs be worth it on an otherwise stock PAII/Proma bike?

What levels of tension are there? Are the 1500s the metal, the blue or the green?

Thanks. I can’t wait to have a stocker rocker with just boyseson reeds, proma, the the clutch springs.

29 12 2009

John, I’m Rog, the guy in the vid.

That particular bike IS kitted, its got a dr 70cc, proma, boysen, but still stock carb and intake.

My springs happen to be yellow, but they’re just random ebay springs i got shipped all the way from taiwan, taiwan. The metal, blue, and green you’re talking about must be for the springs off treats. Those seem like a ripoff to me since i got 2 sets for 11 shipped. Search ‘dio springs’, some should show up.

I’m building my stocker up right now since a crank bearing seized, have to wait to get new seals then i’ll have all the parts and put it together. You and i will have the same setup on our buddy hobbits- reeds, proma, springs. I’m going to rock these on my buddy hobbit, post another vid once i get it all back together. The springs will certainly be worth it even on a stocker. I cant wait.

28 12 2009
Mike from Kansas City

You’re thinking of the Polini hobbit springs. These are ebay honda dio scooter clutch springs. I think the 1500 rpm springs are purple I believe. I run the red 2000 rpm springs and I love them.

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