Part time student at KCAD for a BFA in furniture design. From Grand Rapids, Mi which isnt as crappy as you think. Look it up or come visit. You’ll see its actually really awesome. Come visit my shop on Bemis Ave and maybe have a blast session with the Bemis Blasters, if you can keep up. Satellite member of the Guns.

I’m also a hobbit evangelist, mechanic, commercial photographer, production stylist, builder, craftsman, and problem solver. Jack of all.. and when i say all i mean it. Bored with that puch? i know how to solve that.

Pros Only 2010.


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11 01 2010
Justin M

I just got a ’78 PA50II. It was not taken care of and is missing odd stuff (pristine carb…but no main jet, wtf?). Where do you order your parts? Any sites that you recommend? Thanks.

Nice blog/site/whatever, by the way.

12 01 2010


Saw your post, i’ll make you the hobbit head to end all hobbit heads. I dont have a lot of cores right now, and i’ll need some more info, so you should email me. I think i had yours at one point in time, now i cant find it.

If you really want to make it a shocker, i’ll need some idea of the piston crown curvature, a precise measurement of the bore (for some reason hobbit kits are all ’70cc’ with drastically different bore sizes, weird) and what you’re looking for performance.

I can do o-ring grooves, sealing rings for no-head gasket, whatever head volume you want. Let me know what your thinking.


9 03 2010

i have a question,
i recently purchased a 6 star mag fro my hobbit, i belive the mag came off of a camino,

does the stock hobbit brake plate fit that mag???
i dont want to pull my original spoke plate if i dont have to just to see if itll fit

also if it does not fit would you happen to know where i can find one???

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