New winter hobby!

14 12 2009

Check out @Bengry loading my 79 Yamaha Exciter 440 into his ever versatile element. Vintage sleds rule! 440cc twin, huge reeds, cdi, 36mm keihin, and variator the size of your head! Awesome, familar tech cheaper than a running puch and 10 times easier to find.


Swamp series #2.

14 12 2009

Yuck! How can some people treat a moped this way?

Swamp series image #1

14 12 2009

Wagon Attack!

8 12 2009

debuts today. make sure to watch it!

Guns hobbit workshop weekend

6 12 2009

So @bengry came up to GR this weekend from Joliet to watch the world premier of wagon attack II, produced by my friends.
Hit up to watch the epicness.

Aberle stopped by on saturday and the 3 of us really got some stuff done at the bemis shop (loosely nicknamed the “shire”). Chris Stewart and Alex G from Peddy Cash made a stopby too, it was mint. We split a ton of cases, made some custom hobbit tools, organized new engine builds for 2010, and ported a couple cylinders. It was awesome to get our hands dirty, drink a couple beers and inhale some cast iron porting dust. Aberle couldnt resist riding his moped in 10 inches of snow while we just shook our heads and laughed. I split the motor from my fast hobbit and removed all the shrapnel from the blown piston. Bengry got a sweet new source for hobbit bearings, $2 a piece. i snapped this dope pic of our work towards the end of the night.

A nice post about phbg subframe mods…

27 11 2009

Mark Hand, AKA cheetahchrome on MA made this nice camoflaged post in the General forum today about a super clean frame mod for better PHBG access; for those of you who still love to rock the inframe carbs.  I really enjoyed his thread, the great photos, and detailed writeups.  Much appreciated, Mark!

Custom pipes totally rule!

26 11 2009

Guys, guys… the proma and the leo are preeeeeety nice pipes and we’re super lucky to have the Proma reborn for us all to love.  Shoot, i remember in 06 sending my CC number and info via international fax at kinkos to and 4 nervous weeks later my brand new OG proma circuit was at my doorstep.  only to self destruct a year later (man those pipes were flimsy).  The clones rule!  Huge thanks to all who brought those pipes back from the grave.

However:  we’re equally or even more lucky to have rad dudes working their butts off to bring us next level shit for us to try out and get stoked about.  I’m talking about the indie dudes, building shit by hand and rocking the cones into pieces of art and love.

When you’re seriously ready to blast at level 10, hit up these dudes:

they will make all your pipe dreams come true. /endpun